Saturday, June 21, 2008

To Sniff A Thief

Title: Wishbone Mysteries #1: To Sniff A Thief
Author: A.D. Francis

What it's about: So, this book stars the characters from the Wishbone television series. Wishbone and Sam share the spotlight in this book. There's a cat burglar in Oakdale, and after Sam is accused of one theft, she applies herself to finding out who the thief really is. With inspiration from the book The Amateur Cracksman and some help from Wishbone and her friends, she manages to save the day.

What I thought: With these stories, it's usually not too hard to figure out who the culprit is. However, the story is told in a fun way, and your interest is held by figuring out how the crime gets pulled off and how Wishbone, Joe, Sam, and David figure it out. It's also interesting to learn more about other mystery books, since one of the characters is always reading a mystery that holds the clue to their own case. This book has that particularly well integrated, too.

Overall: A short but fun read, especially for fans of the Wishbone series.

Also, I gotta admit that you'll probably be seeing a fair amount of Wishbone reviews coming up, since I have fourteen books to read yet this month and only nine days to do so!

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