Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Haunted Clubhouse

Title: Wishbone Mysteries 2: The Haunted Clubhouse
Author: Caroline Leavitt

What it's about: Joe Talbot wins a clubhouse in a raffle, and he and his friends are super excited about it. Along with Wishbone, Sam, and David, Joe invites two other kids to join his club, Bobby and his younger sister Henrietta. Their club starts out fine, but mysterious occurrences start happening, leading some of the club members to think there's a ghost causing trouble. Joe has to keep a clear head and figure out the rational explanation for the hauntings, with the help of Wishbone and his friends, of course.

What I thought: Not a bad book. It's not especially exciting, but it's entertaining. The mystery is nicely set up, though.

Overall: Good, but nothing special out of the Wishbone mysteries.

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