Saturday, June 28, 2008

Drive-In of DOOM

Title: Drive-In of DOOM
Author: Brad Strickland and Thomas E. Fuller

What it's about: The Moonlight is an old drive-in theater in Oakdale, and it's planning to re-open. Joe Talbot, Samantha Kepler, and David Barnes, along with their canine pal Wishbone, are excited about helping to get the drive-in into shape. But not everyone is behind this plan. Someone is vandalizing the theater, and it's up to Joe and his friends to figure out who it is.

What I thought: Okay, first of all, yes, the title really does have "DOOM" in capitals like that. I find it kind of really hilarious. Also, this is a pretty good book. Like all the Wishbone mysteries, it has a lot of good research behind it, and I felt that this one also did a good job of making the characters come to life. Plus, there's a bit more danger and excitement than in some of the stories, so that helps.

Overall: Good entry to the series.

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