Monday, June 30, 2008

The Report Card

Title: The Report Card
Author: Andrew Clements

What it's about: Nora's this really smart girl in the fifth grade. She's, like, a genius, really, but she keeps it hidden so she won't be pressured into gifted classes. Then she decides to do something to prove that grades don't matter as much as some people try to make out: she gets an awful report card. From there on, her plan unfolds and spirals out of control in ways that she can't even imagine.

What I thought: Cute and witty. Nora's an interesting narrator because she's both smart and normal, and her commentary on events shows both of these things. The premise is interesting, too, because it makes a good point: are standardized tests and whatnot really the best way of measuring intelligence?

Overall: Clements is a good writer, and this is another success.

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