Saturday, June 28, 2008

Moon Boy

Title: Moon Boy vol. 1
Author: Lee YoungYou

What it's about: So apparently, Myung-Ee is an "earth rabbit", a member of this tribe of rabbit people that used to live on the moon. So's Yu-Da, this one guy in her grade school. The two of 'em end up clashing a fair bit, and then one day Yu-Da disappears. Five years later, Myung-Ee goes to a new school, and who should be there but Yu-Da? However, he doesn't remember Myung-Ee. Also, he's being watched by members of the fox tribe, these fox people that like to eat moon rabbits. Um. And they're watching Yu-Da 'cause they need him for a special reason. Myung-Ee decides that she's gonna save him from the foxes.

What I thought: Despite the fact that the plot sounds absolutely ridiculous, the writing for this is really pretty great. It's a manga, by the way. The art is also good, your typical shojo fare. There are some really funny moments in here, though, and if you're into graphic novels n'at, I recommend giving this a shot.

Overall: Surprisingly good.

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