Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Man with the Golden Torc

Title: The Man with the Golden Torc
Author: Simon R. Green

What it's about: Eddie Drood is a member of the powerful Drood family. The family keeps the world safe from evil supernatural creatures and whatnot. However, Eddie is suddenly on the run from his own family, as they've branded him a traitor. Now Eddie has to team up with a former enemy and discover the secret of his family.

What I thought: So, okay, Eddie's a good character, a likable narrator. And the writing for this is really pretty good. Nice pace for all the action. Major plus for the really interesting secret world of magic and the supernatural. The relationship between Eddie and Molly was really good. Took a turn for the cheesy at the end, but that wasn't even too bad, all things considered. I liked the mystery of the Drood family and their secrets, too.

Overall: Pretty good. I'm picking up the sequel.

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