Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Collected Alison Dare, Little Miss Adventures

Title: The Collected Alison Dare, Little Miss Adventures
Author: J. Torres & J. Bone

What it's about: Alison Dare is this kid whose parents are, like superheroes or something, and she gets into mischief a lot. In one adventure, she finds a genie, in another, she talks about her superhero dad, and in another, her family foils a museum heist.

What I thought: I wanted to like this, but I didn't like Alison. One of those types who doesn't care about the consequences for her shenanigans, kinda. Um... Also, this might've been the stylistic aim, but the whole thing was kinda cheesy, and there was no sense of actual danger. Eh. It was short, too. I'm not coming back for the next volume.

Overall: Pretty underwhelmed here.

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