Thursday, August 21, 2008

Progress Update

I am 90% finished with my goal.

May: 27
June: 25
July: 16
August: 21

That's 89 books reviewed, and there's one in the review queue, so that makes 90. I'm also a quarter of the way through another book today, and I've got Mairelon the Magician coming in from the library probably tonight, which should be a nice, easy read. I'm right where I need to be, really, and I'm feeling pretty good about this project.

So, what comes next? After I've finished the hundred books, this blog ain't gonna stop. I plan to keep reading and reviewing. I'll be in Italy for the fall semester, so I won't be able to bring a lot of books with me, and the ones I will bring will be favorites, a lot of which I've already reviewed. That's okay, though, because I can always think of new things to say about books I really like. I'll also be reading some classics, stuff I can find on Project Gutenberg. And I think I may start putting reading and writing related essays up here, too. Diversify a bit, get some discussion going. I know people read this thing, but you couldn't tell from the comments section. Hah! It's all good, though. Anyway, those are my plans for the next three months. When I get back in December, I'll be able to order books from the library and read more things that I haven't already read over and over again. But before all that, I have to get the hundred books read, and so with that, I'm out. Everlost awaits!

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