Sunday, August 31, 2008

Magician's Ward

Title: Magician's Ward
Author: Patricia C. Wrede

What it's about: A year after the events of Mairelon the Magician, Kim has come a long way. She's now the ward of Richard Merill, learning to be a magician and a lady. Luckily for her, Mairelon is no Henry Higgins, but his aunt annoys Kim to no end with her insistence on proper behavior. Meanwhile, the London season is starting, and a burglar is after a magic book in Mairelon's residence. It all smells of another mystery, and Kim and Mairelon are soon drawn right into the middle of things.

What I thought: All the praise for the first volume still stands. Also, I like the focus on proper London society and its social season. Kim provides a unique perspective on this because of her background, and some of her comments are quite funny. The mystery is well-plotted, and the final scenes do a great job of fitting together the magic plot and the relationship plot. It's a very satisfying ending, although not so satisfying that I don't wish Ms. Wrede would write another book about Kim and Mairelon.

Overall: An excellent historical fantasy novel.

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