Thursday, August 7, 2008

Castle in the Air

Title: Castle in the Air
Author: Diana Wynne Jones

What it's about: Abdullah is a carpet merchant in the city of Zanzib. He falls in love with the princess Flower-in-the-Night, but she is abducted by a djinn. Abdullah strikes out to find his beloved, and along the way he runs into lots of new acquaintances, including a few familiar faces from Howl's Moving Castle.

What I thought: It has all the trademark confusion of a Diana Wynne Jones novel, with everything wrapping up nicely in the end. I liked seeing how the elements from Howl's Moving Castle fit into things, and I also thought Abdullah was a good protagonist. I think that there weren't enough sections where much actually happened, but the world-building was good, I have to admit, and it all ends well enough.

Overall: A solid read, if nothing special.

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