Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lady Windermere's Fan

Title: Lady Windermere's Fan
Author: Oscar Wilde

What it's about: On Lady Windermere's birthday, she has a nasty shock. It appears that her husband has been cheating on her with an older woman named Mrs. Erlynne. What's more, her husband begs Lady Windermere to invite Mrs. Erlynne to the birthday dance happening that night. Lady Windermere soon starts to doubt her husband's love, and to top it all off, her close friend confesses his love for her. What's a Wildean heroine to do? (Besides muse about art and society in a witty manner?)

What I thought: The play was entertaining, with all the things one expects from Wilde, like commentary on society and witty turns of phrases. I have to say that I felt like everything didn't tie together as neatly as it could have. This is overall a very good play, however, and the principal characters are actually quite well-developed.

Overall: Not a bad play, but definitely not as good as The Importance of Being Earnest.

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