Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Lives of Christopher Chant

Title: The Lives of Christopher Chant
Author: Diana Wynne Jones

What it's about: Christopher Chant is a young lad who is able to go places when he sleeps. This talent provides him great entertainment, and it attracts the notice of his uncle, who has Christopher conduct experiments in this dream world. Meanwhile, Christopher is growing up. He goes to school, makes new friends, and finds out that he has extraordinarily powerful magic. Because of this, he is sent to train to be the new Chrestomanci, the enchanter who oversees magic-users in various related worlds.

What I thought: This is an interesting book because it sets up quite a lot of themes seen in the rest of the Chrestomanci stories. The descriptions of the various Anywheres are intriguing, and Christopher and the rest of the characters are interesting. I think that what makes me like this is the ending bit, right when all the various plot threads come together and play out in that particularly lovely way that Diana Wynne Jones has of doing this.

Overall: A good place to start reading the Chrestomanci series and generally a fun story.

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