Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Law of Ueki

Title: The Law of Ueki (vol. 1)
Author: Tsubasa Fukuchi

What it's about: Ai Mori has noticed something odd about her classmate Kosuke Ueki. He has the power to turn trash into trees. She follows him around to learn more about his ability, and her teacher Mr. K decides to come along, too. She learns that Ueki has been given his talents by Mr. K, who hopes to enter Ueki as his contestant in a competition to become the next king of heaven. Whenever Ueki uses his powers to harm someone, he loses an ability, and if he were to lose them all, he'd simply vanish. Mori decides that since Ueki is kind of a space case, she's going to have to help him from losing his talents.

What I thought: This first manga volume is pretty weird and interesting. Ueki is the title character and chosen one, but it seems that Mori is the protagonist person who we're more supposed to identify with - sort of like Kyon in the Suzumiya Haruhi series. The concept is an odd one, but it led to some interesting occurrences within this first volume. So far it looks like this could be a fun read, so I hope to get my hands on the next volumes soon, or perhaps the anime.

Overall: Looks fun. My interest has certainly been captured.

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