Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dealing With Dragons

Title: Dealing With Dragons
Author: Patricia Wrede

What it's about: Cimorene isn't a traditional princess, and she doesn't like traditional princessy things. So she goes to live with a dragon, only instead of being kidnapped, she volunteers. Cimorene and the dragon, Kazul, get along just swimmingly, and they work to foil a plot by some evil wizards, poking fun at fairy tale and fantasy cliches along the way.

What I thought: Cimorene seems a little too on top of things, you know? I get that she's supposed to be different from the stereotypical damsel in distress, but I think this book has the flattest main character of any of Wrede's stories. Not that this book is by any means bad, however. It's delightful and funny, and it's really worth reading. At the least, give it a read so you can check out the next three books in the Enchanted Forest Chronicles.

Overall: Entertaining, but not a favorite.

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