Friday, May 30, 2008

Calling on Dragons

Title: Calling on Dragons
Author: Patricia C. Wrede

What it's about: Wizards are causing trouble in the Enchanted Forest again, and Morwen the witch is right in the middle of things. She's the one whose cats discover the six-foot rabbit, and when it's found that the king's sword, the blade that's linked to the magic of the Enchanted Forest, has gone missing, Morwen is in the search party to retrieve it, along with Cimorene, the Queen of the Enchanted Forest, Kazul, King of the Dragons, Telemain, a magician and magical theorist, a couple of cats, and the aforementioned rabbit.

What I thought: Morwen's an interesting narrator, so this was an enjoyable read. The various fairy tale spoofs were, as always, funny and interesting, and the main conflict of the story worked out nicely and logically. I suppose my main beef with this book is that it seemed more like a setup for the fourth book.

Overall: Not bad, but I wouldn't say this stands out as the best book of the series or anything.

With the previous review, I hit my monthly quota of twenty-five books. I may yet get another title read tomorrow, while we're still in May, so once June rolls around, I'll see about doing a monthly wrap-up post, maybe with the best and worst of the month (possibly including April's books, too), stuff like that. Until next time!

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