Friday, May 23, 2008


Oh, man, you people. I must love you all a lot if, the day after getting a Wii and Brawl, I am here, writing a book review for this lovely blog. Okay, sure, it's a book aimed at grade school children, and it only took me, like, an hour to read, tops, but still. Also, I've already reviewed one of Clements' books for older readers. That was back in April, and it was Things Hoped For.

Title: Frindle
Author: Andrew Clements

What it's about: Nick is a creative kid who is always coming up with new ideas. When he enters the fifth grade, he is inspired by something his English teacher said and decides to make up a new word. He decides that he'll call pens "frindles". A simple idea soon spirals into something huge.

What I thought: This is simple but cleverly written. It's short, not cutesy, and gives a realistic portrayal of how something like this might actually go down.

Overall: A fun, easy read.

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Sherry G said...

How much you wanna bet I read this first? Well I did. But yeah this is a real classic. Especially for those of us who love the non-conformists.