Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Title: Dreamquake
Author: Elizabeth Knox

What it's about: This is the sequel to Dreamhunter; Laura has now found out more about the Place and put her father's plan into action. Meanwhile, the rest of her family is looking into the sinister plot taking place in the highest levels of the government. The mystery is well on its way to being unraveled.

What I thought: Pretty good conclusion to the series. There's a mystery that gets wrapped up, some romance, more development of Rose as a character, and some very satisfying explanations for everything.

Overall: If you liked Dreamhunter, you'll like this book.

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Anonymous said...

okay so i know u read this book like a year ago well i just read it. and i have all these questions about it and there is like no faq on the author that i can find and i stumbled across your blog in the process lol anyways so question number 1: did rose marry lazurus? who was her baby daddy? if so arent they like 2nd cousins?

Number 2:what changed between the world that lazurus lived in and the present? what may everything so drastically different?

okay so i have no idea if ull remember the book at all but if you do please comment me back i dont any1 whose read the book lol thank u! if you feel like anawering my questions please email me at txchaz007@yahoo.com thank u!