Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Dragon Heir

Title: The Dragon Heir
Author: Cinda Chima

What it's about: So the conflict between the magical guilds is ramping up. The rebels are facing a tough fight, and not all of their possible allies are interested in taking part. Madison Moss, for example, just wants to go to art school and forget about wizards. Easier said than done, though, since Seph McCauley, the guy she's crushin' on, is a very powerful wizard and stuck in the middle of things. Despite all the pressure, though, Maddie does her best to stay uninvolved. Meanwhile, Jason Haley wishes he could get deeper into the fight. After a successful raid of magical artifacts, he's stuck in the town of Trinity, the not-so-hidden rebel base, guarding the find and wanting some way to become more powerful so he can help the cause. Personal agendas are rife amongst good guys and bad, and as the final battle approaches, Jason, Maddie, and their friends have to make tough choices and sacrifices.

What I thought: Very nice sequel, which takes stuff mentioned in previous books and builds on them to a successful conclusion. A lot of good character development, and the story gets pretty dark in tone. I thought the ending was a little rushed, the "where are they now?" bits, I mean, but overall, it was an engrossing read.

Overall: It... was an engrossing read.

And with this book, I read eight novels in January, plus half of The Goose Girl. I had listened to the first half on audiobook, and I decided I'd just read what I had left. Well, in February, I shall read no less than, and hopefully more than, eight books! Well, I also read some plays this month, too. A lot of plays and drama. 'Cause I'm in three different theatre classes this semester. Maybe I'll review some of them.

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