Sunday, January 11, 2009


Title: Dreamhunter
Author: Elizabeth Knox

What it's about: In a world similar to ours during the early 1900s, there is a place - called "the Place" - where certain people - dreamhunters - can go, fall asleep, and catch dreams. The next time a dreamhunter with a dream sleeps, those in the surrounding area will also have the dream, and these special dreams are extraordinarily pleasant. So anyway, there's Laura Hame and Rose Tiebold, two cousins who've just turned fifteen, and they're about to take the test to see if they can become dreamhunters. Little do they know that there is something more sinister than they realized going on in the world of dreamhunters, nor do they realize the parts that they will play in the coming days.

What I thought: The story is very imaginative, and the groundwork for the satisfying finish in the second book of the series is laid very painstakingly in this first book. The characters are interesting and very realistic, and the book has just the right amount of humor to keep it from being too heavy.

Overall: This is a very imaginative fantasy story.

Oh, so I realized why I failed at updating this sucker so much over the break. Over the summer I had my goal of 100 books, right? Well, I'm a lazy sod, and without a goal, I can't motivate myself as well. So, the goal is now fifteen books a month during the school year, or perhaps ten. I'll see which of the two I can make in January, and that'll be the standard for the rest of the months. We've got Dreamquake and Graceling coming up for reviews soon, too. I'll also post short reviews of all the books in my review backlog.

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