Monday, April 28, 2008


So, finals are totally kicking my butt, as far as getting free time goes. That's the explanation for why updates are so infrequent, and I'm stickin' to it. But here's one book, anyway. I actually finished it Saturday, but I was too tired to post this then.

Title: Rascal
Author: Sterling North

What it's about: Rascal chronicles a year with Sterling and his pet raccoon, Rascal. It starts when Sterling takes home a raccoon kit and includes various events like trips into the wilderness, the trouble Rascal gets into, and the day Sterling brings Rascal to school.

What I thought: This really evokes a nostalgic feel of the good ol' days, which is something I look for in certain books. The descriptions are vivid and loving, and the adventures of Sterling and Rascal are written with the right touch of humor to keep them engaging. Though a book accessible to younger readers, everyone should be able to appreciate the simple pleasure of Rascal.

Overall: Let's call it short but sweet.

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Blitz said...

This is Bliss

Hm...doesn't sound like my kind of book TOO much, but I'm waiting for the next review!