Monday, April 21, 2008

Drawing A Blank

Title: Drawing A Blank
Author: Daniel Ehrenhaft

What it's about: So, Carlton is this comic book geek who pretty much sucks at having a social life, right? But he does have a comic strip in a newspaper, which is something. Anyway, we learn that his dad is borderline wacko, to the point in believing that he's involved in an ancient Scottish feud. However, oops, maybe he's not a total nutjob, 'cause he gets dragged off to Scotland, leaving Carlton to fulfill the kidnapper's demands and rescue his dad.

What I thought: The way the book's written, I immediately took to Carlton as a narrator. Stuff that might stretch my belief in other cases was easy to accept 'cause of how it was set out. Really, all the characters were understandable, from Carlton's dad to Aileen and even Bryce. It's a fun story, and the comics scattered throughout add to the depth of it all. Well, relative depth, given that this is still just a teen fiction novel. But, yeah, I really was charmed by the easy storytelling.

Overall: This is a fun book with a lot of heart. Give it a read if you like adventure stories.

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