Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The adventure begins!

Ah, hello! Welcome to BlookityBlook, my (almost) daily book review blog. What's this all about? Well, I've always been a voracious reader, but back in February, I got really into reading books. I started reading a new book almost every day, and after I finished them, I posted mini-reviews in my LiveJournal. From February 21 to April 14, I've read 36 books and reviewed 35 of them. Not a bad feat for a busy college student, eh? Well, just the other day, I was thinking about my goals for this summer, and I decided I'd make it a goal to read a hundred books in the months of May, June, July, and August. Obviously, that's a lot of books and a lot of reviews. I decided I'd share the love. Basically, I'm making my reviews available for anyone who's interested to know what a bibliophile like me thinks of a certain title.

So! What will go down is this. I'll read a book, I'll write up a review, and I'll post it. Anyone who reads the review is totally welcome to comment on it and get some fun discussion going. I also am open to suggestions for books to read. Now, I'll admit that my reviewing skills aren't the best. However, now that I've started this project, I'll put my all into making the reviews quality and worth reading. I'll also undoubtedly improve over the months. I'll also be posting the mini-reviews that were previously on my LiveJournal. They're not as in-depth as I hope the reviews written for here will be, but with any luck, they'll still give you folks an idea of if a book is any good. Finally, I may occasionally stick up reviews for other media, like musicals and plays, video games, and movies, but those will be a lot less frequent and likely only for exceptionally good or hilariously bad ones.

All right, the good stuff will be coming up in just a bit! I finished Atonement just today (it was a long one!), so that'll be the first review.

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