Monday, April 20, 2009

The Secret Under My Skin

Title: The Secret Under My Skin
Author: Janet McNaughton

What it's about: In the future, technology is scorned and people live harsher, simpler lives. However, Blay Raytee learns that the world is more complex than what they told her in the government work-camp where she lives. She is chosen to assist the community's new bio-indicator, a young woman named Marrella, and this gives Blay the opportunity to learn about how the world works, both with politics and with science. Her new life gives her the chance to discover who she is and how she fits into the world.

What I thought: The world of the story is very well-developed. I thought the plot lacked punch. The climactic events seemed small compared to what they could have been. However, the world and the characters were engaging, and I enjoyed reading Blay's story.

Overall: Not bad, but it didn't especially wow me.

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