Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Title: Firestorm
Author: David Klass

What it's about: By all appearances, Jack is a normal high school boy. Only he's suddenly discovering strange abilities and being chased by sinister figures. On his own, unsure of who he can trust, Jack learns that it's up to him to save the future of our world by finding the Firestorm. Accompanied by a talking dog and a ninja trainer, Jack has to complete his mission while figuring out just what is going on.

What I thought: For a book that's supposed to teach a lesson about ecology and stuff, this book rocked pretty hard. The message was an integral part of the story and thus didn't get in the way because it was the way. And the writing style was a little jarring but it suited the story. All sentence fragments and present tense and half the time you weren't sure whether it was narration or mental communication. And the occasional aside to the reader, too. This was pretty action-packed, and Jack's reactions to everything were very realistic, just how you'd imagine someone to act if he was torn away from his old life and thrown into a mission where friggin' everyone wants to kill him.

Overall: A real page-turner with a satisfying conclusion that also leaves you eager for the sequel.

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