Saturday, February 21, 2009


Title: Evernight
Author: Claudia Gray

What it's about: Evernight boarding school is a creepy place, but it's home for Bianca Olivier, whose parents have accepted teaching jobs at the elite school. Bianca is out of her element among the sophisticated students, but she finds a friend in Lucas, another new student who's somewhat rough around the edges. The two form a bond, but will that be enough to survive the sinister secrets of Evernight?

What I thought: Though this is a vampire novel, it's no Twilight. Evernight was surprisingly engaging and well-written. The twists came naturally; I was surprised by them, but they were justified well enough. Bianca was a good protagonist, not made out to be a caricature of a clumsy loser like Bella Swan, but a more realistic portrayal of an awkward teenage girl. She develops pretty well over the course of the story. The supporting cast is well-developed, too, as is the vampire lore and Evernight itself.

Overall: You wanna read about vampire, read Evernight. Definitely a solid book.

Man, I fell out of the habit of reviewing again. Nyoro~n. Got the flu, and though I read a ton, I pretty much lacked the motivation to review the books. I will try to get River Secrets, Love Among the Walnuts, and Enna Burning reviewed, though.

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