Monday, February 23, 2009

Enna Burning

Title: Enna Burning
Author: Shannon Hale

What it's about: After The Goose Girl, it looked like a happy ending for Isi, Enna, and all of Bayern. However, Tira, Bayern's neighbor to the south, starts a war, leaving Bayern in dire straits. Enna wants to help, and she gets her chance when she discovers the talent to speak with fire. But controlling the elements comes with a price, and if Enna's not careful, she might find herself in over her head.

What I thought: Where The Goose Girl is pretty much a straightforward fairy tale with added depth, Enna Burning takes a much darker turn. The characters from the first book are built on and given more depth, and the world of the story is developed further. Enna's an interesting character, and the choices she makes are tricky and realistic. I thought the flow of the story was interesting. Unlike the first book, what felt like the climax happened rather early, I thought. However, just because it didn't end with a bang doesn't make this bad. The story flowed to a slower, but still very interesting, ending.

Overall: Not a fairytale, but a very enjoyable tale nonetheless.

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