Thursday, July 31, 2008

Christmas Horse

Title: Christmas Horse
Author: Glenn Balch

What it's about: Young Ben Darby lives on his family's ranch in Idaho, and he loves it there. He loves working with the horses, but soon he'll have to go stay with relatives in the city so he can attend high school. Not only does Ben have to leave his beloved ranch, but he won't be able to see more of the young wild horse he's been keeping an eye on. However, when Ben comes home for Christmas, he has a surprise waiting for him. His family caught the colt for Ben's Christmas present. Now Ben is determined to train the little colt to be a cow horse and to prove to his father that a wild horse can be worth something.

What I thought: This is actually a pretty good story. Any horse fans should like it, as it doesn't stint on gettin' more than a little technical in those regards. The characters are likable, and it's overall a heartwarming story.

Overall: Worth reading if you ever come across it.

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