Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Flora's Dare

This sequel to Flora Segunda takes all that was great about the first book and ups the ante in a harrowing high-stakes adventure. Picking up shortly after the first book, we find Flora in the midst of her quest to become a ranger. Her ambitions are put to the test when she discovers the eldritch abomination that's causing the earthquakes that are plaguing Califa. Now Flora has to master Grammatica and ally with her family's enemy, all while avoiding her new curfew - and all this without the help of Udo, her best friend, who has gotten into some trouble of his own. This sequel keeps its main story nicely self-contained while further exploring mysteries and secrets introduced in the first book and introducing some more of its own. Flora's family's past and the politics of the republic are fleshed out, as are the nature of Grammatica and Nini Mo's adventures and plenty of other aspects of the fascinating world that Ysabeau S. Wilce has crafted. Well, really all I wanted to say was that I was once again impressed by the detail and depth that has been poured into this series, and I cannot wait for a third book to be released.

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