Sunday, September 6, 2009

Wee Free Men

Title: Wee Free Men
Author: Terry Pratchett

What it's about: Tiffany Aching, with the help of the Nac Mac Feegle and her own common sense and determination, must rescue her brother from the land of the fairies and keep the fairy queen from causing havoc in the real world.

What I thought: For some reason, this book didn't draw me in as much as some of Pratchett's other books. It's a good, solid Discworld story, with plenty of clever humor and philosophical tangents that make sense in the context of the story. Tiffany's a likable protagonist with realistic foibles and flaws. I guess it just didn't click with me. Truth be told, I'm most attached to the characters of the Watch, and when it comes to Discworld witches, I wish there would be more books with Agnes Nitt. But Tiffany's a good protagonist, and I'm gonna order A Hat Full of Sky and see what she gets up to next. Maybe she'll grow on me.

Overall: A decent entry into the Discworld series. If you like the witches, check this out.

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